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gaming addiction dangers

Gaming Addiction. The Serious Truth and Signs. How to Know And How to Get Help

 The World Health Organization says Gaming Addiction is a condition, recognizing it in its International Classification of Diseases with this game ...
2018 Facebook Privacy Settings

How To Make Your Facebook Private: Killer Guide to Privacy Settings

  We get many questions about Facebook, typically questions that ultimately lead to Facebook privacy. How come this guy posts stuff and it's on MY...
45% of Teens Say They're Online Almost Constantly!

45% of Teens Say They're Online Almost Constantly!

Wow.  Think about it.  Constantly, that means almost always. It means more time than not and it means there's a significant lack of balance with "r...
cellphone shield and anti radiation cases

Do Cellphone EMF Protection Shields and Cases Work? Defender Shield, Safe Sleeve Review Vest and More

Anti-radiation or radiation blocking or phone shield cases. Do they Work? SafeSleeve, DefenderShield, Vest, Alara, Pong, Reach and ShieldMe  and o...
clean devices

Shouldn't Your Phone Be Clean and Pretty too?

What we're about tell you is important for your health...but we wouldn't recommend reading this while eating lunch, that's for sure. We are just go...
national day of unplugging

5 Great Reasons to Unplug for The National Day of Unplugging March 6, 2020

Mark your calendars for the National Day of Unplugging March 6 2020!  TRY IT YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!  Unplugging is a lifestyle choice for me, but th...
sleep and mental health

New 2018 Study: Sleep and Your Mental Health + Wellbeing. A Magical Key.

The Largest Sleep Study Ever Shows That IF you want to sleep better--and avoid depression- Don't let that cellphone or any electronic device, disru...
tech neck

There's A Thing Called Tech Neck & It's All Too Real

When You Look Down At Your Phone, Your Head Goes Too! And, that head of yours weighs a lot! An average of 10 to 11 pounds if you're an adult.  No w...
Self Care Life Changer: Daily Digital Detox

A Self Care Life Changer-The Digital Detox You Can Live Everyday.

Time to put YOU and that beautiful body of yours first. Here are 10 sweet tips for ditching the unending notifications that may be making you anxio...
computer protection

Where Art Thou, Laptop Mic? Find Microphone on Laptops and Desktop Computers

At Tech Wellness we Care About Your Privacy If you've heard about cyber stalking/hacking/spying and you want to make sure foul play doesn't happen ...
sit with us

Sit With Us

It may seem that often at TW, we’re trying to tell you what NOT to do when it comes to tech. Embrace, but cautiously. Trust, but verify. But as we’...
Fallout Shelter Game for Teens on IOS or Android

Fallout Shelter Game for Teens on IOS or Android

25 of 25 Games to Play Offline Fallout Shelter                                                                          Ages 16+ Fallout Shelte...

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