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safe low emf baby monitor

Safe Wireless Baby Monitors? 2019 Review for EMF Radiation

  Wireless Baby Monitors Moms and Dads- Here's What You Need to Know  Wireless Baby Monitors Constantly emit EMF microwave radiation while swi...
politics privacy polity

Snowden Tells All About The Future of Politic's New Privacy Policy

BIG NEWS: Edward Snowden speaks immediately after the 2016 election results. He was mic’ed into a theatre on 11/10/16 in Moscow to talk about Trump...
snapchat cyberbullying

Invading Someone's Privacy is Cyberbullying

  As you probably know by now, Dani Mathers is the former Los Angeles-based radio DJ personality and Playmate who photographed a nude senior citiz...
cell phone in school

Cell Phone's In School=Triple D: Distracting, Detracting and Dumb-Down

You can't bring them to school at all in France or the State of Victoria in Australia.  In the UK, almost all the schools control them in some way ...
Healthy tech wellness workouts

Fitness With(out) Tech

Whatever your workout may be--yoga, running, pilates, CrossFit, hiking--it should be your time to escape and do pure good to your body. After all, ...
college privacy invasion

A Tragic Privacy Breach: A College Kid's Nightmare

  This is truly heartbreaking. You may remember the suicide of Rutger's student, Tyler Clementi. Tyler jumped from the George Washington Bridge sh...
smart home protection

IoT Appliance Hacking: Yeah, It's Real.

  Appliance Hacking: it’s real and it happened on Friday (10/26/16). We get it--smart home devices make sense in certain cases. For instance, it's...
Heather Dubrow image

Real Housewives of OC's Heather DuBrow loves CreepBlockers!

You may know Heather Dubrow from the Real Housewives of Orange County, but I wish you knew her like I do. I met Heather years ago when we were both...
boosting on social

Try Not to Boast on Social & Here's Why

Resist the urge to show off! We know, it’s hard. We get it. I run an advertising agency. I know how important presentation is.  With Instagram acco...
Tips to Stop Blue Light Digital Devices

Is your Device Causing Insulin Resistance? Computer or Blue Blocking Glasses to the Rescue!

Scroll down to watch How To Enable Nightshift. And Read About How Blue Light can Make you Hungry, Tired, and Depressed.   Smartphones emit lumin...
covering webcam

Listen Carefully, Teens: Invest in THESE

Hackers target adolescents webcams and personal image libraries to sell their privacy for a couple bucks, making them into virtual slaves and black...
cover your webcams, in style

Cover Your Webcams, Because The FBI Says So

Just yesterday, again FBI director, James Comey, advised covering your camera on your computer.  He first said this back in April, and it was a big...

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