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IoT toys

It's Goin' Down, Toys

Several privacy and consumer groups filed a complaint this morning with the FTC that alleges that two talking toys, "My Friend Cayla" and "I-Que I...
Do Not Snap

There's A Badge That Blurs Out Your Bad Hair Days Forever

We all have that one friend that insists on publishing the worst photo of us, even though they know better. Or have that snap-happy friend who is a...
keep your phone private

Pro Privacy Video Tip: Change Your iPhone's Name

The Quick, Fun Fix To Get Your Privacy Back. How To Go Stealth On Your iPhone. It's super easy.   Touch Settings>General>About>Name. The...
change name of phone

Your Phone and AirDrop Name Are "Code" For Your Privacy. Change It NOW!

Thinking about Changing Your AirDrop name on iPhone or Android  Super-smart! Here's Why:  There's been a lot of news lately about stalkers using Yo...
How to get rid of the Smart Meter

Smart Meter: The EMF Radiation, The Definitive Guide to Symtoms, How To Opt Out- For Health and Happiness

Utilities around the country are installing smart meters as fast as they possibly can. There are well over sixty million of them out there already ...
safe low emf baby monitor

Safe Wireless Baby Monitors? 2019 Review for EMF Radiation

  Wireless Baby Monitors Moms and Dads- Here's What You Need to Know  Wireless Baby Monitors Constantly emit EMF microwave radiation while swi...
politics privacy polity

Snowden Tells All About The Future of Politic's New Privacy Policy

BIG NEWS: Edward Snowden speaks immediately after the 2016 election results. He was mic’ed into a theatre on 11/10/16 in Moscow to talk about Trump...
snapchat cyberbullying

Invading Someone's Privacy is Cyberbullying

  As you probably know by now, Dani Mathers is the former Los Angeles-based radio DJ personality and Playmate who photographed a nude senior citiz...
cell phone in school

Cell Phone's In School=Triple D: Distracting, Detracting and Dumb-Down

You can't bring them to school at all in France or the State of Victoria in Australia.  In the UK, almost all the schools control them in some way ...
Healthy tech wellness workouts

Fitness With(out) Tech

Whatever your workout may be--yoga, running, pilates, CrossFit, hiking--it should be your time to escape and do pure good to your body. After all, ...
college privacy invasion

A Tragic Privacy Breach: A College Kid's Nightmare

  This is truly heartbreaking. You may remember the suicide of Rutger's student, Tyler Clementi. Tyler jumped from the George Washington Bridge sh...
smart home protection

IoT Appliance Hacking: Yeah, It's Real.

  Appliance Hacking: it’s real and it happened on Friday (10/26/16). We get it--smart home devices make sense in certain cases. For instance, it's...

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